Over the years, several questions have come up time and again, so I'm including them here for you. If you have a question that's not listed here, feel free to reach out!
I love this piece but not the color. Can you repaint it?
Yes, for a fee.  Since I know how it was painted, it won't be as expensive to repaint as someone bringing in a piece that someone else painted, but it will still cost money for my time and my materials to make it look the way you want it.

    Can you change the fabric on the chairs?

    Yes, for a fee.  You can supply the fabric or I can - that's your decision to make. I am happy to customize anything to make it fit your home. That's the goal here. As with repainting a piece, changing the fabric will cost more money for my time and my materials.
      Is the furniture done with chalk-style paint?
      No. As a general rule, I’m not a fan of chalk-style paint, and I don’t use it. I grew up with regular ol’ paint, and it’s what I use to create my finishes. It’s all a personal preference, of course, but I prefer the look, feel, and finish of regular ol’ paint. I will sometimes use chalk-style paint, but it is not my first choice.
        Is this a consignment store?
        No - at least not in the traditional sense. Everything in the store is curated, designed, and displayed by me. If I didn’t paint or make it, I know who did, and I know they do quality work that will last. I only have a few people who sell things in the store with me.

          Is everything new or antique?
          We have a mix of used, new, handmade, and repurposed or upcycled items.

          Is this a chain store?
          No. This is a small business locally-owned and -operated.

          Who does the painting?
          I do. (Bonnie)

          Do you take consignment?
          Not usually. I like to know who I am working with, what I’m getting, and have a relationship with the person.

          Do you do custom work?

          Of course! Here is all that information.

          Do you teach people how to paint?
          No, I don’t, but I hope to offer some basic classes soon.

          What brand of paint do you use?
          I don’t share my preferred brands, products, or processes.

          Do you discount?
          Only a military discount of ten percent (10%), but not on furniture. I try to make my prices accessible for everyone, and when I buy wholesale, my markup isn’t as high as most other boutique stores. I’m giving you the lowest price I can take to sustain my business. Just like you wouldn’t work for less if you boss didn’t want to pay you that day, I won’t either.

          Do you ship?

          Yes! We can ship anything, including furniture. The price depends on the piece(s), product(s) and the destination.

          Can I return something if I don’t like it?
          No, all sales are final.